Discover the Majesty of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee by Staying in a Luxury Vacation Rental

Welcome to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee! GoodNight Stays has expanded to this gorgeous region of Tennessee, where the hills are alive with breathtaking scenery and abundant things to do.

We now offer premium vacation rentals in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. Each of these lovely cities sits right near the Tennessee gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well as countless other scenic and adventure-rich spots.

Read on to learn more about the Smoky Mountains and the new Tennessee cities we’re calling home. You’ll soon see why you need to visit this astonishing destination.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Franklin D. Roosevelt established Great Smoky Mountains National Park on September 2, 1940. He dedicated the park “for the permanent enjoyment of the people.” And boy have the people enjoyed it, as Great Smoky Mountains is by far the most-visited national park in the United States. In 2022 alone, 12.94 million people visited this park, beating the Grand Canyon (2nd most-visited national park) by over 8 million visitors.

So, what makes the Smoky Mountains so enticing? One factor is that this mountain range is among the most biodiverse areas in the US. There are approximately 65 mammal species, over 200 types of birds, 67 native fish species, more than 80 types of reptiles and amphibians, and over 1,600 flowering plants. Even if you somehow miss all that flora and fauna, you still have the magnificent overlooks and captivating waterfalls to find strewn across the park.

With all that scenery plus the countless activities you can do in the park, it’s easy to understand why millions upon millions of people choose to vacation at the Smoky Mountains.


Sevierville Tennessee Sunset

Sevierville Vacation Rentals

The city of Sevierville is located approximately 20 miles north of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Of our new locations in Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains, this is the largest city with a population of over 18,600 people. Within Sevierville, you’ll find plenty of great shopping and dining as well as many exciting attractions to visit.

If you’re looking for outdoorsy things to do, Sevierville has much more to offer than just close access to the Smoky Mountains. You can float or fish at the Little Pigeon River which flows right through town. The immense Douglass Lake also sits just northeast of town, offering more fishing, swimming, and boating opportunities.

GoodNight Stays has an extensive catalog of luxury vacation rentals in and around Sevierville. We have rentals that can accommodate groups big and small, and all our Sevierville rentals will deliver a fantastic Tennessee vacation experience you won’t soon forget.


Pigeon Forge Mill

Pigeon Forge Vacation Rentals

A little closer to Smoky Mountains National Park are our vacation rentals in Pigeon Forge. This city is just south of Sevierville, and it’s a 13-mile drive to the national park entrance. Although Pigeon Forge hosts a third of the population of Sevierville, you’ll still find it’s home to just as many exciting attractions and things to do during your stay.

Probably the most popular thing to do at Pigeon Forge, especially for families, is to spend a day at the Dollywood. Rated as the #1 theme park in America according to TripAdvisor, Dollywood features a ton of thrilling rides at its Theme and Water Parks. It’s an ideal place to get a little fast-paced action in-between visits to the tranquil smoky mountains.

Although Dollywood is the main attraction here, there’s plenty more to experience nearby GoodNight Stays’ vacation rentals at Pigeon Forge. In addition to the theme park, you’ll find great shopping, fascinating tours, and delicious dining all within a close walk or drive of your Pigeon Forge rental.


Gatlinburg Tennessee

Gatlinburg Vacation Rentals

For our final new hub of vacation rentals near Smoky Mountain National Park we have the town of Gatlinburg, TN. Located 6.4 miles from the national park, Gatlinburg is renowned for it’s outdoorsy scene. Even beyond the wonders of the Great Smoky Mountains nearby, this Tennessee town holds plenty of gorgeous scenery and natural wonders all its own.

One of the best family-friendly attractions that’s unique to Gatlinburg is the Anakeesta Mountaintop Adventure Park. Here you’ll find an incredible variety of adventure opportunities mixed with breathtaking views. Between mellow scenic chairlifts to thrilling alpine coasters, anyone can have a fun time at Anakeesta.

Additionally, there are plenty of fun hiking trails that lead to breathtaking vistas and gorgeous waterfalls dotted around Gatlinburg. And since this is the smallest town on our list (pop. of 3,700), it’s quite easy and quick to get anywhere around Gatlinburg from your vacation home.


Again, we are thrilled to be offering Tennessee vacation rentals near Smoky Mountains National Park. Whether you stay in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, we know you’ll have a wonderful time at one of our luxury rentals.

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