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Dining in Nashville and Scottsdale

Goodnight Stay’s hometowns of Nashville, TN and Scottsdale, AZ each offer exquisite dining options for all travelers. In Nashville, you’ll absolutely need to indulge in the city’s many brilliant southern comfort food restaurants. Meanwhile, in the hot and dry Scottsdale desert, test your tastebuds’ tenacity with some spicy southwestern cuisine! Alongside each location’s more iconic food offerings, both Nashville and Scottsdale each provide a fantastic variety of other diverse dining options. Read on below to find your perfect dining stops in Nashville, TN and Scottsdale, AZ!

Arizona Dining

Known for a rich culture of flavorful dining options, Scottsdale restaurants will delight every appetite. Dig into local favorite spots for margaritas, Asian-inspired dishes, brunch, and more! From sophisticated fine-dining eateries to more relaxed brewery patios, dining out in Arizona is a must-do on every trip!

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Nashville Dining

With Nashville’s country music scene comes a pairing of iconic southern-style comfort food. Enjoy a “meat and three” style meal where you take your pick of meat and southern sides like mac-n-cheese, green beans, and more. Find your favorite plate of fried chicken in the Nashville area, chow down on barbecue, or get adventurous with popular internationally inspired restaurants that feature Italian, French, Spanish, and Asian fusion cuisine.

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