Explore Nashville Without Renting a Car with These Transportation Tips

What makes cities like Nashville so fun are the many great attractions and activities they offer. However, more attractions bring in more traffic that can be a pain to navigate. Even when you can fight through the traffic, there’s the ever-present challenge of finding a decent parking space.

Although Nashville doesn’t feature terrible traffic, there’s enough to make you wonder if you really need a car to get around. Fortunately, you don’t! Nashville’s public transportation is very usable, and depending on where you stay, you can even walk or bike to most places with ease.

If you’re visiting Nashville and want to avoid driving in the city, here is what you need to know.


Ride Share App Getting Around Nashville

Getting Around Nashville with Taxis and Ride Shares

For easy rides from the airport to your accommodations, a simple taxi or ride share reservation is the way to go. Simply call any one of the local taxi companies listed on the Visit Music City Transportation page, or book a ride on Uber or Lyft.

Taxi services also operate within certain areas of the city under a flat rate currently set at $25 per cab for up to four people. The service area for this flat rate forms a triangle between the Nashville International Airport, downtown, and the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.


Woman Riding WeGo Public Transportation Bus Around Nashville

Getting Around Nashville with WeGo Public Transport

WeGo (formerly MTA) is Nashville’s public bus and rail system. This public transportation system features over 46 bus routes and other services that can connect you with all major corridors, businesses, and attractions in the city.

To ride WeGo in Nashville, you simply download the QuickTicket app to your phone to pay for whichever pass fits your needs. Adults can pay as little as $2 for a 2-hour pass, or purchase based on the number of rides they need or days they’re staying.

Check out the WeGo Fares page to see current rates for adults, youth, and seniors. You can also locate bus stops and routes on WeGo’s Maps and Schedules page.


Couple Riding Bikes Around a Park in Nashville

Biking, Scootering, and Walking Around Nashville

Once you’re in the city proper, you’ll find that Nashville is quite easy to explore without internal combustion. Walking and riding bikes and scooters are all great ways to explore the city.

In recent years, there’s been a boom in the bike, e-bike, e-scooter rental scene within Nashville. There are a ton of bike and e-scooter rental shops across town, and there’s a program called B-Cycle that offers on-demand bike rentals at multiple stations. Once you have your bike or scooter rental, you can easily navigate Nashville extensive network of bikeways and trails.

Of course, the old-fashioned transportation method of exploring by foot also works well in Nashville. To set yourself up for success, you’ll first want to book your stay in one of GoodNight Stays’ luxury vacation rentals. Many of our rentals are located in Nashville’s most walkable neighborhoods and near popular spots like Music Row.


As you can see, there are more than enough ways to get around and enjoy Nashville without a car. The ride services, public transportation systems, and bike and scooter rental options all provide excellent alternatives to renting a car during your Nashville vacation. If you still would like to rent a car, you can find local car rental companies at the Visit Music City Transportation page.

Browse our catalog of Nashville vacation rentals to find your perfect place to stay, and check out our Nashville Activities page to discover more great trip-planning resources.