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What To Know Before You Buy A Scottsdale Vacation Rental


6 Things To Consider Before Investing In A Scottsdale Vacation Rental So you want to invest in your own Scottsdale vacation rental? That’s great! The vacation rental industry in Scottsdale is even hotter than Scottsdale itself. The city is accessible to tourists, offers plenty of exciting things to do, and hosts a ton of properties with great vacation home potential. That said, we do suggest taking a few things into...

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5 Ways To Maximize Vacation Rental Bookings As A Homeowner


How Can You Stand Out In The Competitive Vacation Rental Industry? It’s no secret that vacation rentals have entered the mainstream as a go-to option for vacations and working vacations. According to iPropertyManagement.com, the rate at which travelers booked vacation rentals increased by 240% between 2011 and 2019. The number of bookings for vacation rentals each year has only increased since then. With that increased demand for vacation rentals also...

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