GoodNight Stay X Secret Garden

We are more than excited to announce our partnership with Secret Garden – an all-inclusive event planning service available in both Scottsdale and Nashville! Having a birthday dinner, family reunion, or an engagement party, but unsure where to start? This is where the Secret Garden team comes in. With a goal to make event planning a breeze for any occasion, Secret Garden will walk you step by step to create your next memorable experience.

What we love about Secret Garden is that they do more than just event planning. In addition to creating customized events perfectly tailored to your needs, they work to leave guests feeling vibrant, healthy, and changed. The seasonal food menus, color-coordinated designer decor, friendly service staff, and whole food ingredients are all a part of this mission. You will know it’s a Secret Garden event if you see quality ingredients without preservatives, hormones, additives, or fillers.

The Experience

So how do you get started? Fill out the contact sheet here, and you will be able to talk to the team for a personalized quote. You can either choose from their 3 all-inclusive packages, or go all out and create a custom package for you and your event. Our favorite package is the premium package, which is both affordable and comprehensive. The package includes a 5 course buffet by a personal chef, and 3 signature cocktails concocted by a bartender at the comfort of your vacation home. Secret Garden offers every component of a memorable event, from chefs to support staff, so let your creative juices flow and customize away!

To make event planning even easier, they are now offering a wider range of pricing, including more affordable packages so that everyone can enjoy their special day. Take advantage of GoodNight Stay x Secret Garden and book a GoodNight Stay, book an event with Secret Garden, then just sit back, relax, and enjoy!