Cabana Boys and Cocktail CowBoys

Sit back, relax, and let the Cabana Boys and Cocktail CowBoys make your special event one for the books! The Boys offer butler and party-hosting services to turn an average day at the pool or house into a unique experience you can’t wait to tell your friends about. The Boys will make your day truly unforgettable.

Perfect for Bachelorettes · Birthdays · Girls’ Weekends · Divorce Parties · Game Nights · Holiday Parties · Brunches · Pool Parties · Dinner Parties · Company Events · House Parties

Services & Locations

All of the Boys and Girls will serve, pamper, and entertain you by serving up drinks, helping with party games, being a Spotify DJ, taking and posing in pictures, keeping the party area tidy, and taking out the trash when they leave.


  • Cabana Boys Party (Scottsdale & Palm Springs): includes 2 Boys and party hosting/pool service.
  • Brunch Boys (Scottsdale): Hot guys delivering brunch… Need we say more? One Cabana Boy will deliver brunch for you and your crew and get you back into celebration mode. He’ll arrive at your front door with gourmet bagels, cream cheese, hot coffee, a carafe of orange juice, and a surprise for your group. Brunch boys set up breakfast for you, get your day started with food and drinks, turn on some tunes, host a party game or two, help you nurse your hangover, keep the party area clean, and leave you ready to take on the day.
  • Old Town Party Bus (Scottsdale): The Cabana Boys experience goes mobile! This is the perfect pregame for a day or night out in Old Town. Hop on the luxurious, air-conditioned party bus, and cruise around Old Town for 2 hours! Bump music, dance, drink, play some signature games and stop at one of their partner bars halfway through. The experience comes with two Cabana Boys, who are at your service. They’ll serve you drinks and refreshments, take pictures (or pose with you), be Spotify DJs, host party/drinking games, and keep the bus tidy. The Boys are there to serve, pamper, and entertain.
  • Cabana Girls Party (Scottsdale):  Includes 3 Girls and 1 male bartender for party hosting/pool service.


  • Cocktail CowBoys Party (Nashville): Two CowBoys and party hosting/butler service.
  • Game Night with the Cocktail CowBoys (Nashville): Includes everything in the Cocktail CowBoys Party. Plus, they bring a ton of game supplies and will be your own personal game show host.
  • Brunch with the Cocktail CowBoys (Nashville): Includes everything in the Cocktail CowBoys Party, and they bring a brunch spread from Biscuit Love.


Use the promo code “GOODNIGHT” for $25 off any Scottsdale or Nashville service.

Use the promo code “GOODNIGHTPS” for $25 off any Palm Springs service.


For an even more extravagant weekend, make sure to also book our other partners. Our partners are vacation home rental approved, which means you won’t have to worry about them damaging our homes and leaving you with a fee to pay!

*All of the Boys & Girls are licensed, insured, and background checked. They are not escorts or adult entertainers. The Boys & Girls will do any activity they’re comfortable with, so they may turn down certain activities. If they feel uncomfortable or violated by your actions, they reserve the right to leave the party with no refund.