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Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration

Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration

Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration is a team of certified professionals prepared to have you hydrated and energized for your Scottsdale adventures! Whether recuperating after a night out in Old Town Scottsdale, gearing up for a day of outdoor adventures, or simply indulging in some well-deserved self-care during vacation, Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration offers a convenient and effective solution for revitalizing body and mind.

Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration

Exclusive to Arizona properties ONLY 


The Revitalize team delivers a comprehensive remedy for the toll alcohol consumption and fatigue takes on the body. By supplying essential vitamins and minerals, it not only addresses the immediate symptoms but also supports overall health and wellness. Guests can select from a diverse array of IV options, each designed to target specific needs such as hangover cure, immune boosting, athletic recovery, and migraine relief. This personalized approach ensures that individuals receive tailored care, optimizing their experience and enhancing the efficacy of the therapy.

IV Therapy does not have to be all medical – it can be a fun and unique group bonding experience. Imagine you and your bachelorette group on sun loungers by the pool while enjoying the Refresher. Or, mom and dad getting the Super Myers, perfect for an overall reboot, while the kids are playing out in the yard. A guys’ trip can be on another level with an Athletic Recovery IV for everyone after a game of golf.

Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration

For those looking to experience the revitalizing benefits of an IV therapy, scheduling a session is simple. Guests can easily book an appointment by contacting via phone or email. Make sure to mention you are a guest of GoodNight Stay to enjoy an exclusive 10% discount.

So, whether you’re gearing up for a day of conquering the golf course or just need a little TLC after dancing the night away, Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration has your back!



Make sure to mention GoodNight Stays at the time of booking.




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