Here are the Best Pet-Friendly Spots in Scottsdale to Enjoy with Your Dog

Scottsdale is one of the most dog-friendly cities in all of Arizona. We love hanging out with our furry friends here, and you’ll find plenty of fun places to take your dog in Scottsdale. Between joyous hikes across the scenic deserts and mountains to leisurely days of shopping and dining out, there’s virtually no end to the options of pet-friendly things to do here.

Read on to see our favorite Scottsdale dog-friendly spots and activities, and be sure to book your stay in one of our pet-friendly Scottsdale vacation rentals.

Dog Running on Hiking Trail Near Scottsdale, Arizona

Hiking Trails & Recreation Areas

Hiking the trails around Scottsdale is an activity beloved by people and pets alike. We love the thrill of seeing gobsmacking Sonoran Desert scenery, and the dogs love getting out to experience the fresh air and lingering smells from local flora and fauna. Plus, hiking in Scottsdale is great exercise!

One of the best places to hike with your dog is at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. So long as it’s not too hot (over 90°F) and you keep them on a leash, dogs are allowed on pretty much any trail within the preserve. Of the more than 225+ miles of trails, some of the best trails for taking your dog are the Lost Dog Wash, Tom’s Thumb, and Sunrise trails. Find more of the best McDowell Sonoran Preserve dog-friendly trails here.

Another great hiking spot that’s a little closer to town is the Pinnacle Peak Trail. Although all hikes here are at their most scenic in the early morning light, Pinnacle Peak is one of the best trails for Scottsdale sunrise hiking. It’s easy to get to, moderate in length and difficulty to hike, and it gives one of the best dawn views in town for you and your pup.

In addition to recreation areas outside of town, it’s also great fun to visit a nearby dog park when traveling with your dog. Here is a list of good dog parks in Scottsdale.

Dog Friendly Shopping Area in Old Town Scottsdale

Markets & Shopping Areas

You don’t have to venture out into the wilderness to enjoy Scottsdale with your dog. In town, Scottsdale has plenty of shopping areas, parks and attractions that are quite pet-friendly.

One of the best shopping areas to explore with your dog is the 5th Avenue Shopping District in Old Town Scottsdale. 5th Ave is a southwestern-themed shopping area that hosts around 60 small businesses and art galleries, many of which are very pet-friendly. You and your dog will love walking down the lively streets and checking out the many welcoming shops here.

If you’re a fan of farmers’ markets, there’s a great dog-friendly one close by in Phoenix called the RoadRunner Park Farmers’ Market. The market is open year-round on Saturdays, and it has a ton of fantastic locally produced and hand-crafted items for sale. It’s perfect for picking up a unique Arizona souvenir.

Dog Friendly Restaurant in Scottsdale

Restaurants & Bars

After a long desert hike or a full day exploring downtown, it’s nice to head straight to a dog-friendly restaurant with your furry friend. In Scottsdale, there are a ton of restaurants with dog-friendly patios where you can eat with your dog.

If you’re looking for a nice, quaint cafe to enjoy a tasty brunch with your pet, then Arcadia Farms Cafe is the place for you. First opened in 1990, Arcadia Farms provides a welcoming atmosphere and delicious French-inspired brunch and lunch cuisine. Head out on the patio and enjoy a lovely meal with your dog by your side.

For a casual lunch and dinner experience, head on down to OHSO Brewery & Distillery. You and your dog will love hanging out on their shaded patio. They have great-tasting beers and craft cocktails that are oh so refreshing after a day in the Arizona sun. OHSO’s menu is also full of tasty classic pub food, and they have dog treats available for your furry friend to snack on too.


When it comes to Scottsdale, there are too many dog-friendly places and activities to go over in a single post. The city is incredibly welcoming to families with dogs, and you’ll find it’s almost harder to find a place that isn’t pet-friendly.

For your Scottsdale vacation, make sure you and your dog have the best accommodations by booking one of our pet-friendly vacation rentals. After you book your stay, feel free to contact our reservation specialists for more recommendations on places in Scottsdale where you can visit with your dog.