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6 Things To Consider Before Investing In A Scottsdale Vacation Rental

So you want to invest in your own Scottsdale vacation rental? That’s great! The vacation rental industry in Scottsdale is even hotter than Scottsdale itself. The city is accessible to tourists, offers plenty of exciting things to do, and hosts a ton of properties with great vacation home potential.

That said, we do suggest taking a few things into consideration before you buy a Scottsdale vacation rental. Not giving yourself time to find the right home or quantify what you hope to accomplish with it can lead to problems down the road. We’d like to help you avoid those potential problems by providing our top 6 things to consider before buying a Scottsdale vacation rental.

Downtown Scottsdale in Arizona

1) Choose Your Location Wisely

The appeal of vacation homes over a hotels is getting a spacious home-away-from-home experience while still having great access to local attractions. That’s especially the case here in Scottsdale, and the closer your rental is to a popular area, the more revenue it will earn you.

Properties near Old Town are some of the best to look at since that area is a major draw for tourists. Other places to look at would be homes near the TPC Golf Club or Kierland Commons. Almost any home within short walking distance of any of these locations would be perfect to purchase!

Scottsdale Residential Area

2) Check Out Desirable Neighborhoods

In addition to the broad location, you’ll also want to consider the neighborhood in which your new Scottsdale property will reside. The right neighborhood can give your guests added feelings of security, luxury, and general peace of mind during their stay.

When searching for your Scottsdale vacation rental we recommend looking at properties in the following neighborhoods:

There are plenty more great Scottsdale neighborhoods that we at GoodNight Stay can recommend directly to you. Feel free to contact us to learn more about these neighborhoods and our property management program.

3) Find Properties with COOL Amenities

It’s no secret that Scottsdale hosts some high temperatures through much of the year. Summer highs often reach above 100°F, and only winter months see highs below 75°F. When buying a vacation rental in Scottsdale, it’s essential to invest in a property that can keep guests cool.

Priority number one is to make sure your vacation rental has solid AC installed. Whether it comes pre-installed with your purchase or you install it yourself, AC is an essential amenity for living in or visiting Scottsdale.

If you want to maximize your bookings, look for properties that have either private pools or offer access to community pool areas. Pools are some of the most sought-after amenities for guests visiting Scottsdale, and they are well-worth the added cost when purchasing your new rental.

4) Invest in Modern Appliances and Smart Home Technology

Modern appliances, especially kitchen appliances, offer tremendous appeal to prospective guests. Having up-to-date appliances that work quickly, easily, and effectively can greatly enhance any guest’s stay, which will help you earn more 5-star reviews down the line.

Additionally, smart home technologies are fast becoming part of the status quo for vacation rentals in Scottsdale. Things such as smart lock security pads, smart hubs, and smart thermostats are common features across Scottsdale rentals.

If you cannot purchase a property with modern appliances and smart home tech already included, then be sure to set some money aside to install them. Here at GoodNight Stay, we also sell smart home tech to our homeowners at great prices.

Scottsdale Vacation Rental with Excellent Interior Design

5) Consider the Finishes of the Property

In the age of social media, it’s not enough for top-tier vacation rentals to just offer clean and comfortable living spaces. Many prospective guests, especially bachelor/bachelorette groups visiting Scottsdale, expect the places they stay to be aesthetically pleasing for group photo shoots. Plus, homes and condos with great interior design often yield better property photos to attract more guests.

Like with modern appliances and smart home tech above, it’s not absolutely essential to purchase a property with outstanding finishes included. However, you should take the costs of redesigning your rental into consideration when making your purchase.

GoodNight Stay has a sister design team that can help you transform your property into what we know sells best. They order all the furnishings and paints as needed, and they can install everything for you.

Revenue Scottsdale Vacation Rental

6) Determine Your Revenue Requirements

Probably the most crucial considerations you need to make when investing in a vacation rental are your revenue requirements and owner expenses. It’s paramount that you know how to price your rental realistically so that it can operate competitively in the market and earn profitable revenue.

In this instance, there really is no substitute for having great experience in the Scottsdale rental market. We at GoodNight Stay are the local experts in competitive pricing for the vacation rentals we manage. Our revenue department will help you take into consideration every aspect of your rental and match it to the market for realistic, competitive pricing.


That’s our list of the 6 things you need to consider before you buy a Scottsdale vacation rental. If you want more information or assistance with getting your rental up and running, then be sure to contact us here at GoodNight Stay and learn about our Property Management program in Scottsdale. Also, be sure to check out our other blog post: 5 Ways to Maximize Vacation Rental Bookings as a Homeowner.

How Can You Stand Out In The Competitive Vacation Rental Industry?

It’s no secret that vacation rentals have entered the mainstream as a go-to option for vacations and working vacations. According to iPropertyManagement.com, the rate at which travelers booked vacation rentals increased by 240% between 2011 and 2019. The number of bookings for vacation rentals each year has only increased since then.

With that increased demand for vacation rentals also came an increase in the supply of vacation rental businesses to book with. In 2022, there are an estimated 25,000 vacation rental companies in the United States as well as over 140,650 companies worldwide. In a market that large and competitive, you as a homeowner need to go above and beyond to maximize your rental bookings.

Fortunately, there are several simple and easy solutions you can implement to stand out amongst the crowd. Here are 5 best practices for maximizing your vacation rental bookings as a homeowner.

1) Hire A Professional Property Manager

The quickest and most efficient way to start increasing your rental bookings is to hire a professional property manager. As a vacation rental homeowner, you’re probably quite familiar with all the complexities of properly marketing and maintaining your rental(s). By hiring a property manager, you can pass off nearly all those complex responsibilities into their expert hands.

Property managers keep up with all the industry’s best practices and current trends to keep your rentals looking spick and span in the eyes of prospective guests. From marketing and concierge to security and accounting, property managers handle all the steps of managing your homes so you can just sit back, relax, and earn!

To learn more about all that property managers can do for your rentals, check out our GoodNight Premium Stays Property Management page. We serve homeowners across several markets in Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, and Florida, and we have a proven track record for increased success with our clients.

2) Showcase Your Properties With Professional Photos

These days, it’s essential to have professional photography for your vacation rental properties. Although smartphones can take good shots, professional photographers are exceptional at capturing your properties in the most alluring light. With today’s heightened competition in the short-term rental industry, this is a best practice you need to be implementing to maximize bookings. It’ll cost a little extra to have these photos taken, but you’ll be able to rely on them for years and years to come.

The easiest way to get professional photos of your properties is to have your property manager source a real estate photographer on your behalf. If you choose to find one on your own, the best option is to contact your local board of realtors and search through their vetted list of photographers. If all else fails, a quick Google search of “professional real estate photographers near me” should yield some good results.

To see how much of a step-up in quality professional photos can do, check out some of our vacation rental listings as examples.

3) Write Appealing And Accurate Descriptions

Great property photos are what will entice prospective guests to consider your rentals, but appealing and accurate descriptions are what make them book. As such, it’s important to make sure your property descriptions are exceptionally detailed and well-written.

When writing your descriptions, start by asking yourself why guests should choose your vacation rental. Determine the highlights of what makes your property stand out by considering the following questions:

Although it’s important to showcase the best aspects of your rentals, it’s equally important to ensure you don’t over-embellish with misleading descriptions. Dishonesty with your guests is one of the quickest ways to obtain a lot bad reviews; a potential death-sentence for vacation rental companies.

4) Respond To Guest Reviews And Feature Great Ones

Speaking of reviews, the next best step in maximizing your bookings is responding to your reviews. Your reviews serve as evidence of how professional, reliable and communicative you are as a homeowner. Responding to reviews, even with simple “thank you” notes, proves that you listen your guests and take action based on their feedback.

Perhaps the most important reviews to respond to are the more negative reviews. If a guest has a poor experience and leaves a bad review, approach it as an opportunity to learn and improve future guest services. Apologize for whatever issues they had, offer explanations for why things went wrong, assure them that what happened is an exception to the norm, and offer some form of compensation based on the severity of the issue. Calm, well-written responses to public reviews demonstrate your desire to constantly improve your services.

Hopefully you won’t have too many bad reviews to answer for, and you can focus on promoting great reviews. After sending a response of gratitude, feature any 5-star reviews you earn on your website or directly within your property descriptions. Doing this will help assure potential guests that they’ll have a great time too booking with you!

The last note we have on reviews is to make sure you’re encouraging guests to write them. Left to their own devices, guests typically won’t leave a review unless they’ve had an extraordinary time. By utilizing the power of suggestion and politely inquiring, your guests are much more likely to leave positive reviews.

A Scottsdale vacation rental home

5) Focus On Crafting A Great Guest Experience

The single most important thing you can do to increase vacation rental bookings as a homeowner over time is to consistently craft a great guest experience. You can have all the bells and whistles of a great website, quality photos, and compelling property descriptions, but the guest experience is the heart and soul of a successful vacation rental business. Fortunately, crafting a great experience doesn’t take much from you as a vacation rental owner.

The easiest place to start is to acquire the same amenities commonly found in hotels to include in your rental. Things like clean towels and linens, soap, toilet paper, and paper towels should all be standard inclusions. From there, add on other desirable amenities and features such as pet-friendly stays, gear rentals, and car services. Just adding and highlighting those rental features will go a long way in cultivating a good guest experience.

After adding on amenities and features, the next step towards exceptional experiences is to be an effective communicator with your guests. Send welcoming emails before and immediately after their check-in, provide helpful area guides and local recommendations during their stay, quickly respond to any concerns or questions, and finally send a thankful goodbye after they check out. Simple and effective communication goes a long way in making your guests remember you as a great host during their vacation.


And that’s it for our 5 best practices on maximizing your vacation rental bookings as a homeowner. Keep in mind that, for tips two through five, a property manager can take care of or at least assist in implementing all those best practices. Because of that as well as their other areas of invaluable expertise, we highly recommend that you start your journey towards success by hiring a great property manager.

If you’re a vacation rental homeowner located in any of our markets, be sure to head over to our Property Management page to learn how GoodNight Premium Stays will help you maximize your bookings!

The best place to stay for your Nashville bachelorette party is in one of our spacious GoodNight Premium Stays vacation rentals.

Well, I guess that answers your question pretty definitively. Took a lot less time to say that than we thought it would. Umm…

Since we still have a page to fill here, we suppose we should explain a little about WHY our Nashville vacation rentals are so great for bachelorette parties. Yeah, let’s jump into that space of conversation! Here are three reasons why you should stay in one of our vacation rentals for your Nashville bachelorette party.

Spacious Nashville Vacation Rental With Large Living Room


1. More Space And Comfort Than A Hotel

When it comes to planning the perfect bachelorette party, near to the top of the planning list should be picking a comfortable place to stay with plenty of room for everyone. While there’s nothing wrong with cramming together in a hotel room or two, a nice vacation rental just elevates the experience with a truly homey vibe. Plus, having a larger home-like space all your own is just plain fun!

Given that a bachelorette party vacation is a pretty big deal, we think it’s more than worth going that extra mile for the bride-to-be in booking a Nashville home or condo to stay at. From the moment you arrive and settle in to your spacious rental, we guarantee you’ll be thrilled you upgraded from the traditional hotel experience!

Private Rooftop Hot Tub At Sunset With Great View Of Downtown Nashville

2. Great Amenities Perfect For Bachelorette Groups

Alongside the bigger and more comfortable spaces, many of our vacation rentals include fantastic amenities your group will love! We’re personally fond of the Nashville rentals which feature private rooftop decks, and we especially LOVE the ones that feature hot tubs on said decks. Your bachelorette group can enjoy those gorgeous cityscape views whilst raising a champagne glass to the bride-to-be all from the comfort of your own private hot tub. A perfect start to a night out in Nashville!

Other fun amenities to find across our range of Nashville rentals include home movie theaters, cozy fire places, and well-equipped modern kitchen and bar setups. Also, although this isn’t technically an amenity, many of our vacation rentals are absolutely perfect for Insta-worthy photo-ops of bachelorette groups. From fun “Nashville” glow-up signs to vibrant murals and aesthetically pleasing modern furnishings, your group will love taking dozens of amazing pictures that are sure to win more than a few double-taps on the gram.

Broadway In Downtown Nashville During Golden Hour Sunset


3. Easy Access To Nashville Bachelorette Party Hot Spots

Lastly, a great bachelorette party requires great access to fun activities. All of our rentals are within close proximity to many exciting local hot spots such as Nashville’s main drag, Broadway Street. On Broadway, there are tons of great restaurants, bars and Nashville-famous Honky Tonks to check out! Many of our rentals are within walking distance of this Nashville staple spot, so your group can walk right out the door to immediately join in on the Broadway fun!

There’s of course more to do than just hit up Broadway Street during your Nashville bachelorette party. Head to our Nashville Activities page to discover more fun things to see and do during your stay!

In the descriptions for many of our Nashville rentals, we’ve included walking and driving travel times from the rentals to several popular destinations. So, if you’re looking for specific attractions to check out, you can choose your place to stay based on those travel times. We’ve got you covered!


And that’s it for our top three reasons why you should book your bachelorette party stay in one of our Nashville vacation rentals. Spacious accommodations with fun amenities and easy access to exciting spots like Broadway Street are sure to make your upcoming bachelorette vacation a great one to remember!

For more great tips on planning the best Nashville bachelorette party, check out Stag and Hen’s Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide. Also, be sure to browse our Nashville blog to stay up-to-date on the best insider’s info for your next trip.

Browse Nashville Vacation Rentals

Disclaimer: GoodNight Premium Stays does not permit throwing large parties at your Nashville vacation rental. Your group may celebrate privately in your rental, and you are permitted to set up some light decorations provided that your group takes them down prior to check-out.  

Yes! Scottsdale Is THE BEST Place To Throw Your Bachelorette Party

No waiting around for an answer here! Scottsdale is the NEW QUEEN of top bachelorette party destinations in the nation! With food to rival New York, nightlife better than Vegas, and more Insta-worthy sunny days than SoCal could ever dream of, Scottsdale has all the ingredients to make any bachelorette party the ultimate sendoff for the bride-to-be. Even the New York Times has weighed in on Scottsdale taking the throne as the new go-to spot for bachelorette parties!

So, without further adieu, here’s everything you need to know to plan the perfect Scottsdale bachelorette party.

Stylish Vacation Home In Scottsdale

1. Book A Fun & Luxurious Vacation Home

We might have some bias in this recommendation, but trust us when we say that renting a vacation home is essential for Scottsdale bachelorette squads. Not only do vacation homes provide more hang-out space, but they also come with a ton of great amenities. From larger homes with private pools and wide open back yards to great condos right next to Old Town, there’s a rental that’s perfect for any bachelorette group heading to Scottsdale.

Here at GoodNight Premium Stays, we have a ton of Scottsdale home and condo rentals that bachelorette teams will love!

Brunch With Mimosas - Scottsdale Bachelorette Party

2. Get The Party Started With A Hash Kitchen Brunch

With a Scottsdale bachelorette party, the “party” always starts early with a fabulous brunch. Although there are many fantastic brunch spots sprinkled across Scottsdale, the one we’d recommend has to be Hash Kitchen.

Hash Kitchen lives and breathes all things brunch. It totes a fun and exiting atmosphere, a wonderful list of creative dishes, and, of course, serves up a divine selection of mimosas along with other fresh cocktails. In addition to all that, Hash Kitchen is famous for its “Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar.” The bar features an impressive array of ingredients to craft your own refreshing spin on this brunch classic beverage.

During your bachelorette party vacation, be sure to stroll down to one of Hash Kitchen’s two locations in Scottsdale. Also, check out their Insta feed for some bachelorette brunch photo op inspiration.

Sonoran Desert Sunset - Scottsdale

3. Explore The Beautiful Sonoran Desert

Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area is surrounded by some of the most drop-dead gorgeous desert wilderness in the world. The desert is home to awe-inspiring rock features and beautiful desert flora like the famous saguaro cacti. Not to get too cliché,  but there is literally no better place to snap a whole album’s worth of Insta-worthy bachelorette party group shots.

Now, you can head to desert hills and hike on foot (check out Scottsdale hiking trails), but we recommend taking the group on an off-road jeep tour instead. That isn’t any idle suggestion either, as plenty of jeep-tour outfitters offer specific packages for bachelorette parties. Off-Road Jeep Adventures provides the best-reviewed bachelorette party tours in Scottsdale, taking groups across the Sonoran Desert in their tough Jeep Gladiators. Oh and, along with the great views, you can even BYOB on these tours!

Swimming Pool Party - Scottsdale Bachelorette Party

4. Splash Into The Pool At Maya Day Club

After some time in hot Arizona sun, you’ll need a fun place to cool off. Enter the Maya Day Club. This 20,000 square-ft venue is the ultimate pool party space in Scottsdale during the day and at night.

Along with its signature pool, the Maya Day Club keeps a fun house party vibe going with music, games, and a great selection of food and refreshing drinks. For an extra special time at the clubhouse, you can also reserve VIP Bottle Services for your bachelorette party group.

Maya Day Club is a great stop to make for your bachelorette party any day or night in Scottsdale, but we suggest also keeping an eye on their list of upcoming events for special themed parties and DJs that play the club.

Scottsdale Bachelorette Party Celebration

5. Get Dressed For Old Town Fine Dining And Nightlife

Last but not least, any Scottsdale bachelorette party requires a delicious evening meal and a late night out in Old Town. The selection of dining options in Scottsdale, especially the Mexican restaurants, are all wonderful for bachelorette party groups before heading out to the bars and clubs. A great option we’d recommend for modern Latin cuisine in a beautiful, classy space is The Mission in Old Town. The Mission crafts dishes that are as wonderful to taste as they are to look at, and their margaritas are second-to-none!

After dining out at the Mission or one of the many other Scottsdale fine-dining establishments, it’ll be time to hit the bars and clubs of Old Town. Just as with its restaurants, Scottsdale has fantastic list of great nightlife options. Although there are a few staple stops like Pattie’s First Avenue Lounge and the Rock Bar, it’s hard to go wrong when partying anywhere in Old Town.

A classic Scottsdale nightlife option tailored for bachelorette parties is to take an Arizona Party Bike Pub Crawl. On these pedal-powered tours, your guide will bring you directly to some of Old Town’s best bars, and you’ll get to skip the line to go in. The perfect hassle-free way for brides and bridesmaids to spend an exciting night out in Old Town!


As you can see, Scottsdale more than earns its title as the new queen of bachelorette party destinations. Stick to this this list and you’ll be well on your way to planning the perfect bachelorette party in Scottsdale. Check out the Stag & Hen Scottsdale guide for more great bachelorette party ideas.

Remember that the perfect Scottsdale bachelorette party starts with the perfect place to stay. We have a ton of vacation rentals that are perfect for bachelorette party groups. Check them out below to book your thrilling Scottsdale bachelorette party!

Browse Scottsdale Vacation Rentals

Disclaimer: GoodNight Premium Stays does not permit throwing large parties at your Scottsdale vacation rental. Your group may celebrate privately in your rental, and you are permitted to set up some light decorations provided that your group takes them down prior to check-out.  

This summer in Nashville, we want to make sure you get the most out of your vacation. With so much in this historic city to see and do, it can be difficult to narrow down the best Nashville activities for your group. We rose to that trip-planning challenge though and came up with 6 cool activities you should try out in Nashville this summer.

Oh, and don’t forget to book your stay at one of our luxurious Nashville vacation rentals. Alright, back to the list.

Children Playing at Waterpark in Nashville

1. Water Activities Around Nashville

First up on our cool list is something that’ll actually keep you pretty cool during those warm Nashville summer days. At Nashville’s three local lakes (Percy Priest, Radnor, and Old Hickory), it’s always a fun time spending an hour or two on a rental stand-up paddleboard. Alternatively, on the famous Cumberland River, you can also rent a single or two-person kayak to take in the scenic downtown views from the water. 

On the river, you can also rent pontoons from outfitters like Nashville Toons which come with a totally unique private group experience. Their double-decker pontoons can accommodate up to 14 guests and come with built-in coolers, waterslides, floatables, and much more!

Lastly, Nashville offers up a couple phenomenal water parks that are fun for the whole family. The popular Nashville Shores Waterpark features 8 large water slides along with a massive water tree house that kids will love exploring. There’s also the new SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland, which hosts both indoor and outdoor water attractions like slides and a lazy river. Additionally, SoundWaves features live entertainment, bars with refreshing cocktails, and private cabana rentals.

Bike the Greenway in Nashville

2. Explore Music City By Bike

Alongside the city’s many fascinating walking tours, Nashville is home to some great bike touring options. Green Fleet Bicycle Tours, for example, provides a delightful tour of downtown Nashville that includes interpretative information about several historic sites and neighborhoods as well as tasty pit stops at ice cream parlors and breweries.

If you prefer a guide-free biking experience, then take a ride along the greenway, one of Nashville’s top outdoor attractions. The greenway is a paved trail approximately 20-miles long that goes across bridges and through several scenic parks. Any stretch along the greenway will make your day, but you can ask the folks at Bike the Greenway for recommendations of where to go after you rent your bike.

Log cabin in Fort Nashborough in Nashville

3. Discover Historic Sites In Nashville

Nashville is a city with a rich, enthralling history that anyone can enjoy. From small park-side exhibits to preserved estates and downtown buildings, the streets of Nashville are pretty much overflowing with history to explore.

One of the more popular sites that’s fascinating to see is the Andrew Jackson Hermitage, a 1,120-acre National Historic Landmark with over 30 historic buildings. Here you can walk back in time through the 7th US President’s impressive mansion, which has been carefully restored with Jackson’s original possessions. After touring the mansion, take a stroll through the rest of the grounds and end the day with a refreshing wine tasting.

In addition to the Hermitage, another fun spot to check out is the Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery. Belle Meade offers an extensive and diverse selection of tours, tastings, and other things to do. The most popular tour is the 45-minute Mansion Tour, which covers the century-long history of the site as well as the specific stories from the Harding and Jackson families. Another gripping tour available is the hour-long Journey to Jubilee. This tour brings to light the stories of African-American men, women and children who endured enslavement at Belle Meade from 1807 through the years following Emancipation. Due to the sensitive nature of the tour, only teenagers and adults are allowed to join it.

Although each of those historic Nashville sites offer a ton of things to do and see, they just scratch the surface of Nashville’s historical offerings. Head to our Nashville Museums and Attractions pages to discover even more fascinating historic sites.

Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville

4. Explore Music City’s Museums of Music

Going hand in hand with the extensive historic site options are the many Nashville music museums. Each of these museum’s feature plenty of music history, exhibits and memorabilia to warrant their own articles. However, we want to focus on the top 2 must-visit spots for your trip to Nashville.

First up we have the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. In addition to being one of the coolest-looking buildings in Tennessee, the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum is one of the largest museums dedicated to country music in the world. The museum hosts a staggering collection of over 800 costumes, over 600 instruments, and hundreds of other objects tied to country music history. Basically, this is a must-stop spot for anyone with even the SLIGHTEST appreciation for country music.

The second mandatory musical destination is the Musician’s Hall of Fame & Museum. This museum honors musicians from all genres, and it houses several fascinating exhibits that focus on historic and influential music cities across the nation. From Nashville to L.A. to Detroit and back, nearly every iconic American music scene is perfectly preserved and presented here at the Musician’s Hall of Fame & Museum.

Just those two museums alone will instill you with enough information to teach a music history lesson, but Nashville hosts plenty more exceptional music museums that are well-worth checking out. Take a gander at Visit Music City’s list of Music Museums for more spots to check out.

Live Music Show In Nashville

5. Tune in to Live Shows Downtown

They don’t call it Music City for nothing! When the hot summer sun recedes past the horizon in Nashville, then it’s time to head downtown and catch a live show. Stumble into just about any bar or restaurant down Lower Broadway and you’re sure to find a quality live performance.

However, the one venue visitors are required to visit during their stay is the Grand Ole Opry  (obviously not strictly “required,” but you should still go). This renowned music venue served as a home for the Grand Ole Opry radio show, a staple of country music, for over 95 years. Nowadays it hosts daily live concerts with multiple performers, providing its guests with one heck of show every night! Be sure to head to the Grand Ole Opry concert schedule to see who’s playing during your stay.

For more detailed information on where to catch live shows in Nashville this summer, head to our blog covering the Best Nashville Live Music Venues.

4th of July Summer Fireworks in Nashville

6. Check Out Exciting Nashville Summer Events

Last but not least, Nashville puts on some phenomenal events during the summer. Of course, the annual 4th of July fireworks display is always fun and beautiful to behold. Just take a quick look at the image above to see what we mean. However, there’s so many more exhilarating events on Nashville’s annual summer calendar that are sure to wow and delight.

One such event is the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival which takes place over four days in mid-June. Not only does Bonnaroo host over 150 musical performances each year, but it also puts on comedy shows, film screening, and an extensive selection of workshops to partake in.

Another fun event on the docket is Red, White and Zoo, an annual wine-tasting event hosted at the Nashville Zoo in July. Honestly, who wouldn’t be psyched to partake in elegant wine tastings whilst admiring the gentle nature of exotic animal species? In case the fine wines and animal exhibits aren’t enticing enough, this event also provides live music, food trucks, craft beer, and spirits.

Again, there’s too much to cover in just this article, so head over to our Nashville Events page to stay up to date on all upcoming events.


That concludes our list of 6 cool activities to try in Nashville this summer. Follow our blog for more Nashville insiders’ tips on what to do during your stay. And, of course, make the most of your Nashville summer stay by booking a GoodNight Premium Stay vacation rental!

Scottsdale’s Sonoran Desert setting hosts some of Arizona’s most beautiful and picturesque hiking areas. As the landscape comes alive in that golden morning light, the views along those area trails become so spectacular, they’ll make cameras swoon from excitement. Okay, so that might be slightly hyperbolic, but you get what we mean. Morning hikes in Scottsdale’s hiking areas are about as good as it gets.

Before we jump into these exquisite hiking areas, we want to remind you that Scottsdale has a reputation of featuring hot weather nearly year-round. When out hiking in the desert, always wear proper sun protection and pack plenty of water and snacks. For a complete list of what to bring for your hike, check out this hiking guide from Visit Arizona.

With that out of the way, here are our 4 favorite Scottsdale hiking areas to catch great views and escape that hot desert sun!

Man Hiking In McDowell Preserve

McDowell Sonoran Preserve

With over 225 miles of trails to explore across 30,580 acres of Sonoran Desert, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve hosts some of the best hikes in Arizona and is the ultimate nature lover’s playground. Open every day from sunrise to sunset, the preserve offers visitors the chance to experience true Sonoran Desert wilderness. Deep canyons and high mountain peaks host an incredible array of desert plant and animal life. In spring, you can discover plenty of trails lit up with vibrant wildflowers that bring wonderful colors to the desert landscape. 

First-time visitors to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve will love these trails:

  1. Granite Mountain Loop Trail (Easy/Medium)
  2. Gateway Loop Trail (Medium)
  3. Tom’s Thumb Trail (Medium/Hard)
  4. Check out other great McDowell Sonoran Preserve Trails

Golden Hour Light Along Pinnacle Peak Trail

Pinnacle Peak Park

Although Pinnacle Peak Park only features a single trail within its 150-acre area, the trail is pretty gosh darn nice. Creatively labeled as the Pinnacle Peak Trail, this hiking area is located right on the northern outskirts of town. The titular trail is one of the more popular in Scottsdale for hikers and trail runners, so weekday mornings are certainly the best times to go if you want to avoid those larger crowds. Plus, mornings along this meandering out-and-back trail are nothing short of spectacular. You’ll find the early rise justified pretty much five steps out of the parking lot.

Desert Scenery In Usery Mountain Park

Usery Mountain Regional Park

With 29 trails of varying lengths and difficulties to explore, Usery Mountain Regional Park is another great hiking area to check out near Scottsdale. Known for its wide scenic vistas, Usery Mountain Regional Park is ideal for hikers looking to have their jaws dropped on a morning hike. Although there is a $7 vehicle entrance fee to enter the park, it’s well-worth the small cost to experience some of Arizona’s best views.

Check out these popular trails at Usery Mountain Regional Park during your visit:

  1. Merkle Trail (Easy)
  2. Wind Cave Trail (Medium)
  3. Pass Mountain Trail (Medium/Hard)
  4. Check out more great trails in Usery Mountain Regional Park

Saguaros In Arizona Superstition Mountains

Lost Dutchman State Park

Named after Jacob Waltz’s (AKA “The Dutchman”) legendary lost gold mine, the Lost Dutchman State Park has much more to offer than just fabled riches. The state park is located smack-dab in the middle of Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, and it serves up scenery that more than lives up to legends. Morning light brings a rosy glow to the landscape that hikers and their cameras will be drawn to like a sweet siren song.

Don’t believe that description? See for yourself at these scenic Lost Dutchman trails:

  1. Jacob’s Crosscut Trail (Easy)
  2. Treasure Loop Trail (Easy/Medium)
  3. Siphon Draw Trail (Medium/Hard)
  4. Check out more Lost Dutchman State Park Trails


And those are our top picks for the best Scottsdale hiking areas to check out for morning hikes. Each hiking area offers trails with distinct experiences within Scottsdale’s signature desert landscape. You can bet that each spot will leave your breath taken, and your camera fully stocked with gorgeous golden hour pictures.

Once you finish your hike, you’ll want to retreat back to a cool, cozy, and comfortable home base. Luckily, you’re already on a website that provides accommodations which fit that description. Book one of GoodNight Stay’s Scottsdale rental homes to complete your perfect Arizona vacation!


We believe that you don’t need a massive budget to have a great time in Nashville. If you know where to look, you’ll find plenty of things to do and see completely for free. Having been around the block a few times, we’ve discovered plenty of great free activities and attractions in Nashville that we are more than happy to share with you!

Live Music Show In Nashville

1. Catch a Free Live Music Show

When in Music City, attending concerts is a must! However, you don’t need to break the bank to hear some great live performances. Across the city there are a ton of places that host fantastic live music shows throughout the week, and they don’t require a cover charge. That said, still remember to tip the bands you see for the great shows they put on.

Check out the Nashville Tourism Guide to Free Live Music for a list of the best free music venues.

Tennessee State Capitol Building In Nashville

2. Take a Free Tour of the State Capitol Building

Nashville was selected as the permanent state capitol of Tennessee in 1843. The capitol building has stood since 1859, and it was added to the National Historic Register of Historic Places in 1970 as well as declared a National Historic Landmark in 1971. Inside these great marble walls resides a century and a half of remarkable living history that you just have to see!

Visitors can tour the stoic Tennessee State Capitol building on either guided or self-guided tours from Monday-Friday free of charge. Guided tours are approximately 45-minutes long and limited to groups of 15.

Young Boy On Trip To Museum - Tennessee State Museum

3. Discover More Tennessee History at the State Museum

If you’re itching to learn more about Tennessee’s culture and history after your state capitol tour (who wouldn’t?!), then you have to make a trip to the Tennessee State Museum. This immense museum covers everything from Tennessee’s natural history beginnings through to the present day. Admission is free, but you can make donations to the museum if you like.

After your visit to the Tennessee State Museum, two other great free places to see are Fort Negley and the Fort Donelson National Battlefield. Both were significant sites during the Civil War, and they are deeply fascinating to explore today!

Nashville Parthenon In Centennial Park

4. Relax at a Tranquil Nashville Park

Yes, every town and city has parks to relax in, but Nashville parks go above and beyond the call of park duty! A perfect example of this is Centennial Park which features the standard affairs like nature trails, ponds and lakes, a dog park, etc. However, in addition to those, Centennial Park hosts a full-scale recreation of the Greek Parthenon. You know, because why not just throw that in the mix?

And that’s just the one aspect of one of the many great parks to check out in Nashville. Be sure to check out our Nashville Parks information page to learn more about Centennial and other local parks.

Art Sculpture In Nashville

5. Absorb Nashville’s Contemporary Art Scene

Although Nashville is famous for its music, a stroll down almost any street will reveal the city’s artistic spirit as well. Not only do the combined storefronts of Nashville’s famous Broadway look like a vibrant painting in-and-of-itself, but the many walls of the street are also adorned with impressive murals and street art. 

Off the streets there are several art galleries and exhibits free to enter. The Sarratt Gallery at Vanderbilt University, for example, features 10 exhibits of contemporary art from regional and national artists every year. Check the Art Scene page on the Nashville Tourism website for more impressive galleries and exhibits.


To sum up, you really don’t need a large budget to have a great time in Nashville. When you know where to look, you’ll find more than enough art, culture, and history to enjoy for free. And, after your full budget-friendly day, you can come back to your Nashville vacation home to relax for a good night stay.

Take yourself out to a ballgame this spring! Along with pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds, spring in the Valley of the Sun is the perfect time to cheer on your favorite Cactus League team during the MLB spring training season! From getting tickets to knowing what to expect at the stadium, and even where to stay for your spring training home base, we’ve got you covered with all that you need to know before you head out to the ballpark. With the 2022 spring training season set to begin February 26th, 2022, and continue through March 29th, 2022, there is no better time to start planning your trip!

Arizona Spring Training Baseball Game

Arizona Spring Training Stadiums

With 15 teams playing at 10 different stadiums across the greater Phoenix area, it is important you know where to find your team! The teams will rotate among all the stadiums in the area playing games, but if you are looking to attend practice, you must find your team’s spring training home base. Check out the list of the stadiums below in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and greater Phoenix area below to know where your team will be playing ball!

The Ballpark Experience

Once you’ve decided which game or practice you want to attend, it’s time to prepare for heading to the stadium! Buying tickets online will save you the stress and time of waiting in line at the stadium. And of course, while the Arizona sunshine makes this the perfect place for a baseball game, the sun can also be quite strong! Bring sunscreen, a hat, and water to stay hydrated and safe from the sun during the game.

Spring Training Concessions

It wouldn’t be the true baseball experience without hitting up the concession stands. Buy some peanuts and cracker jacks, a hot dog, nachos, or a beer to satisfy your appetite. Enjoy mountain views from the stadium as you watch the game, and bring a mitt of your own to catch a fly ball.

Where to Stay During Spring Training

Your spring training plans aren’t complete without a comfortable home base! Whether you prefer to relax poolside before a baseball practice or lounge in an open-concept living room in the evening, we are sure to have your ideal getaway in one of our luxury Scottsdale or Paradise Valley vacation rental homes. Check out a few of our featured properties ready for a Spring Training 2022!

Modern Home in Old TownA backyard of a modern, Old Town vacation rental

Nearest Spring Training Ballpark: Scottsdale Stadium

With 5 bedrooms, a private pool, and a location in the middle of Old Town, this Scottsdale vacation rental is a perfect home base for Spring Training! Inside, you’ll find a modern, open-concept space with plenty of homey touches. The location offers easy access to both Old Town as well as the Scottsdale Stadium and the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick! Baseball enthusiasts will not want to miss out on a stay in this stunning Scottsdale home.

New Build Modern Home in Old Town Scottsdale

A living room in a Scottsdale vacation rental

Nearest Spring Training Ballpark: Scottsdale Stadium

This Scottsdale vacation rental features an open floor plan, 12 ft ceilings, and two master suites. Inside, guests enjoy a gourmet kitchen, a pool table, and a wet bar ready for a round of cocktails. Outdoors, find a private pool, a masonry fire pit, and a BBQ. This modern home offers the best of indoor and outdoor living as well as an ideal location near Old Town, Camelback Mountain, and the Talking Stick Resort and Casino.

Mountain Estate With Stunning Views

The mountain views of a Paradise Valley vacation rental

Nearest Spring Training Ballpark: Salt River Fields

For a mountain escape with stunning views and a spacious interior, book this Paradise Valley vacation rental. With 8 bedrooms and space for 18 guests, your entire group of baseball enthusiasts can partake in cheering on their teams during spring training. The highlight of this vacation rental is the outdoor entertaining area that includes a lap pool, fireplace, and stunning views of Mummy Mountain!

Book a Spring Training Getaway Today!

Nashville invites families to explore the magic of Music City. With opportunities to enjoy live music, get out on the dance floor, explore attractions, and taste the iconic cuisine, families will spend busy days enjoying the unique flair of Nashville! Start planning a family-friendly Nashville vacation for your next getaway.

Jam Out to Live Music as a Family

A visit to Nashville isn’t complete without live music performances. Luckily there are plenty of venues that invite families to experience Music City to the fullest. The Ryman Auditorium is a historic venue that was once home to the Grand Ole Opry show. A show in this space is sure to make an impact on music enthusiasts of all ages.

If you want to get out on the dance floor with your family, we recommend the Wildhorse Saloon. The Wildhorse Saloon is one of the largest dance floors in Nashville.  This nightlife hotspot features complimentary line dancing lessons, making it the perfect destination for families looking to learn the ropes. Put on your dancing boots for a night on the town! Take a break from dancing to dig into their famous fried pickles and barbecue before heading back onto the dance floor. Enjoy live music during your family’s Nashville vacation.

Explore Family-Friendly Attractions

Boy in the birds park. Weekend with kids, fun

Besides the live music hot spots, Nashville is chock-full of family-friendly Nashville attractions. The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is a crowd-pleaser with plenty of wild entertainment and festive events happening year-round. Take a break from the excitement of Lower Broadway to stroll through the Nashville Zoo. You’ll have a wild good time!

To learn more about the country music Nashville is known for, head to the Country Music Hall of Fame! Travel through the current exhibits to learn about individual country performers, historic live music venues, and walk through the Hall of Fame rotunda! You won’t want to miss out on this staple of country music history.

Rainy day? Visit the Adventure Science Center to learn more about how the world works. This hands-on science museum invites children of all ages to put their imaginations to work while learning about physics, weather, space, and more. Perfect for a winter day activity, the Adventure Science Center is sure to keep your little ones entertained.

For outdoor fun, the Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort should be on your agenda! With both a waterpark and treetop adventure park, families can choose between making a splash on waterslides and in a large, lagoon-style pool or testing their bravery on a treetop ropes course. Get outdoors at this unique family-friendly amusement park. Nashville is perfect for family fun!

Dine at Family-Friendly Restaurants

When your family needs to refuel during the day, stop by one of our favorite family-friendly restaurants. Edley’s Bar-B-Que East Nashville invites families to enjoy iconic barbecue dishes including brisket platters, baby back ribs, and chicken wings, and fried chicken. Enjoy southern sides like green beans, mac & cheese, coleslaw, and more alongside your Nashville-style barbecue.

The Assembly Food Hall is the perfect destination for families who can’t seem to agree on what to eat for dinner. With burgers, tacos, poke, and even a unique ice cream shop, the whole family can find exactly what they are looking for at the Assembly Food Hall! Enjoy these dishes and more when you book a stay in a Nashville rental!

Find a Family-Friendly Nashville Vacation Rental

Your family is sure to feel right at home when you book a stay in one of our Nashville vacation rentals. Our modern Nashville rentals offer homey comforts such as a fully equipped kitchen, open living areas, and inviting bedrooms. Our Nashville vacation rentals also feature ideal locations meaning you’ll be within easy access of all the family-friendly Music City attractions.

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For those whose ideal day includes shopping in upscale stores, art galleries, and unique souvenir shops, Scottsdale is a prime destination! Enjoy the charm of Old Town with an array of art galleries and souvenir shops that invite you to admire stunning artworks and pick up a souvenir or gift or two. Shoppers will also want to visit the upscale, outdoor malls where you can find a new wardrobe staple or grab dinner with friends and family! Shop till you drop on your next Scottsdale vacation!

Two women laugh as they shop in Scottsdale

For the Fashion Focused Shopper

For the shopper with a strong sense of fashion, Scottsdale’s shopping malls are the premier destination! The Scottsdale Fashion Square features over 200 stores national brands such as Burberry, Fabletics, H&M, Nordstrom, and more.

For even more stores and entertainment, Kierland Commons is an upscale outdoor shopping center. Kierland Commons is home to national brands like Madewell and Anthropologie, jewelry stores, and eateries including Shake Shack, Mastro’s Ocean Club, and more. Take a break from your shopping spree to enjoy a sit-down meal with your fellow shoppers. Find the perfect outfit for a night out on the town!

For the Art Gallery Enthusiast

Old Town Scottsdale is home to a variety of art galleries for enthusiasts to stroll through and admire. If you are in the market for a new piece to highlight on your walls or in your home, find it in the Old Town art district. Even if you aren’t looking to take artwork home yourself, the galleries in Old Town Scottsdale are worth a stop. Stroll through the numerous galleries to see the beautiful and unique pieces on display!

The galleries display works from both local and internationally renowned artists including contemporary, western, Native American, and landscape artworks. The River Trading Post is home to Authentic American Indian Art including pottery, Navajo weavings, sculpture, and more. The J Kelin Gallery both displays and sells contemporary art that features bright colors and unique viewpoints.

Where to Find AZ Souvenirs

And if you are looking to pick up a souvenir to remember your trip to Arizona, stop by one of the many souvenir shops in Old Town! Both Scottsdale Southwest and Kactus Jock are stores where you can pick up t-shirts, gifts, and more. Don’t forget to pick up a cactus to take home with you or a mug stamped with Arizona staples. Grab a souvenir to remember your trip by!

Book a Scottsdale Vacation Rental Today

A charming living room in a Scottsdale vacation rental

Wanting to experience the charm of Old Town Scottsdale for yourself? Book one of our stunning properties! Our Scottsdale vacation rentals feature private pools, ideal locations, and modern interiors with western charm. Away from your desert oasis, explore the shopping areas, take a hike on a nearby trail, or get out on one of the beautiful golf courses!

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